At Tutoring Genius, we take pride in our high level of tutoring excellence. Whether a student is in need of assistance with a specific paper, exam, or general subject, we are here for their needs. Our professional tutors specialize in their respective subjects and have detailed knowledge of the Maryland state classes and testing methods, as well as the demanding requirements from local private and preparatory schools. From just a one time visit, or on-going weekly sessions, our tutors will work with students to find the best possible schedule for them. There is no pressure or sales from us. Whatever you need, you will receive.

Tutoring Genius will assist you to build strong foundations in more than 20 subjects and concentrations. Some of the subjects and concentrations are:

Mathematics English Sciences Social Studies
Algebra Reading Physics History
Trigonometry Writing Chemistry Geography
Geometry Grammar Biology Political Sci.
Calculus Vocabulary Earth Science Anthropology
Statistics ESL Physical Science Economics



Private Tutoring for Any Subject 20 hours 10 hours 1 Hour
Elementary School $800 $450 $50
Middle School $900 $500 $60
High School $1000 $600 $75
College $1200 $750 $85
Graduate School $1800 $999 $125

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